Learning Through Play in Jamaica

Starting school is the most exciting and anxious time for children. At Kingsway High School and Kingsway Pre-Kindergarten & Preparatory School, we provide a rich learning environment for all children to explore, learn and grow.

kindergarten program

Let your child develop his skills and abilities through enquiry and intentional play-based learning. Our well-qualified teachers plan the learning experiences for our pupils to actively engage them in learning and thinking creatively. Our kindergarten program offers your kid a setting reminiscent of home with more opportunity to develop and absorb. We promote small class sizes, so that individual attention is given to each child.

Our school provides opportunities for spiritual and academic growth through a diverse array of programs and services designed to meet the requirements of each learner.  Our objective is to nurture every child and work hard together to allow them to develop their full potential through play. With painting, planting, storytelling, puzzles, cycling, outdoor play, music, and dancing, children explore life in a unique way.

Our kindergarten program will help in your child’s personal, social and emotional development, communication, language and literacy, problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical development and creative development. For the youngest members of our school community, each day is a new escapade, and we ensure that their learning journey starts in a safe environment. With attractive classrooms and excellent facilities, the children can together celebrate the joy of childhood.

Is your child ready to move up from pre-school to kindergarten level?

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